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Cleanroom Mopping system

The Mop Heads/ Mops have been designed to clean and disinfect clean room environments. It is a selfwringing mop head constructed by laminating a snag resistant polyester and micro fiber fabric over a finepore urethane foam mechanically affixed to a stainless steel runner. The fabric lamination enhances the application of disinfectant to clean room surfaces while reducing abrasion damage. Mop heads are available in the unique, Bump-PROOF® Wrap-Around design (patent pending) for ISO Class 1 clean rooms. Micro fiber laminated versions provide unsurpassed cleaning efficiency especially for stubborn contamination such as hardened Biofilms and disinfectant residue. Mop heads are ideal for users who need one style of mopping system in clean rooms. Compatible with Gamma, ETO and steam sterilization processes. Available in 2 size: 10” & 14”


  • Improved cleanliness. Fabric over foam lamination allows for tear-free cleaning and disinfecting of areas that have rough or sharp surfaces, such as anti-skid floors..
  • Cleaning simplicity. The only mop head that can clean walls,floors and ceilings.
  • Increased cleaning efficiency. Microfiber versions are designed toremove and absorb stubborn contamination such as biofilms and disinfectant residues. Ideal for quickly dryingfloors..
  • Improved package integrity and product traceability. Individually packed with rubber sleeves to ensure package integrity during shipping...
  • Lot# traceable and Lot certifications. so you can track & keep the Records..
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