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Multi-layered clean-film full adhesive layers form mats that effectively capture dirt, germs and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter the controlled environment. Each of the thin layers is coated with a highly developed adhesive containing an antibacterial substance.


  • With above 90% microbial disinfection rate
  • Numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets
  • Smooth, effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties or cart wheels
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surfaceSmooth, effective surface is not damaged


  • Aerospace, Biotechnology, Laser optics, Pharmaceutical
  • Perfect for cleanrooms, laboratories and any other dust/dirt free environment


Mat Composition Polyethylene Film coated with envrironment-friendly anti-bacterial 'Water-base Acrylic adhesive'
Thickness /sheet 0.045 mm
Thickness / mat 1.35mm
Peel Adhesion 430 g / 25mm (top layer) - 800 g / 25mm (bottom layer)
Colors Blue, White, Grey
Dimensions 36" x 24" - 26" x 45"
Packaging 30 sheets/mat , 10 mats/case
Antibacterial rate > 90%
Bacteria Disinfection Rate
Escherichia coli 90.80%
Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) 94.10%
Candida Albicans 90.10%

Packaging Information

Packaging 30 sheets/mat , 10 mats/case

A Peel-off Mat is a stack of sheets of polyethylene film, with a specially treated pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, upon which persons entering a cleanroom walk (and vehicles are rolled) to remove the last trace of contamination on shoe heels and soles, and on the wheels. When a sheet becomes loaded with contamination, it is peeled off, exposing a new clean sheet for use, thus eliminating messy and time-consuming cleaning and washing.


  • First, remove the protective covering from the adhesive bottom sheet, and lay the mat on the floor or in a frame. Step on the mat (especially the edges) to positively secure it to the floor.
  • Second, remove the protective film on the top of the mat. The mat is now ready for use.When the exposed sheet is contaminated, peel it off and discard it, exposing a new clean sheet for use.

Cleanroom Sticky Mat

  • Acrylic solvent based adhesive with LDPE backing.
  • Each layer is individually tabbed for easy removal.When the top sheet is soiled, it can be easily peeled off to expose a fresh, clean surface.
  • High durability, without pin-hole and adequate adhesiveness along its full length.
  • Dead-fold characteristics
  • Rupture Elongation factor > 250%
  • Tensile strength > 170 Kg/cm
  • Adhesive force (g/25mm): 400 ± 100
  • Thickness: 50 ± 5m
Sticky Mat Sticky Mat


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